Monday, November 14, 2011

Lab #5

Lab number five today, focused on kicking and dribbling. The kids seemed a little bit tired today, but I was clearly wrong once we started to play the game I introduced. They seemed to really enjoy it too. During lab today, different levels of the specific motor skills could be observed. Some students were kicking and dribbling like it was very easy to them, and there were some other students who were having trouble. It was nice to see that some of the kids who were having trouble, would actually stop and listen to one of the Cortland students while they help them and give them pointers on how to do it better. I was pretty happy to see that they wanted to better themselves in that certain skill, whether it was dribbling or kicking.

Lab #5 Observations

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lab #4 Happy Halloween !

Oh boy, the kids were very energetic during lab. You can just tell how excited they were since it was Halloween, especially with some of the Cortland students dressed up in costumes. We started lab by observing two St. Mary's students to asses their overhand throwing skills, and their catching skills. For the most part, the two students were fifty-fifty with the overhand throw. Both students were able to show a downward arc of the throwing arm which initiates the windup, and they were able to follow through beyond the release diagonally across the body toward the side opposite of the throwing arm. But the students did have trouble with the rotating of the hip and shoulder to a point where their non-dominant side faces an imaginary target. They also had difficulty transferring their weight by stepping with the foot opposite their throwing arm. When it came to catching, they only really extended their arms out in order to prepare for contact with the ball being thrown. They both ignored bending their elbows to absorb the force of the ball being thrown though. By the end of lab, all the children just wanted to go home and go trick or treating, and I don't blame them !

Lab #4 Observations