Monday, October 17, 2011

Lab #3

Today was our classes third lab at St. Mary's school. We got to work with the Pre-K students, and boy were they filled with energy. We started lab by observing students playing games that went over the movement skills such as the slide, horizontal jump, and the leap. From there, my group and I went outside to play with the students on the playground. They really have a thing for tag and hide and go seek, let me tell ya. The students were either playing with the Cortland students, or among themselves. As we were outside with the kids, I noticed one child who wasn't interacting with the other students, and was off to the side by himself. I asked what was wrong and he began to tell me how his father had surgery on his leg, which was why he was upset. I then began to comfort him letting him know that the doctor took care of his father, and he will be fine but just needs rest. Once I saw he understood, I tried to motivate him to participate in some of the activities that were taking place outside, but he is one of the kids that like to do their own thing. Realizing this, I decided to challenge him to go down the slide, and give me a high five at the bottom. This put the biggest smile on his face, as he would go down, give me a high five, then run back up and keep doing it. It made me feel really happy that I could have an effect on cheering him up and letting him know his father would be alright. After outside time was done, Devin and I read books to the students, and they were all really into the books we had for them. After reading, we went into the gym where we had several games for them to further there movement skills in the horizontal jump, leap, and slide.

Lab #3 Observations

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  1. This is why we ask students how they're doing. Nice connection Ryan!